Profilaxis 25th anniversary
Profilaxis, Pumpex Distributor in Hungary, celebrated their 25th anniversary on April 23rd.
Finnmateria 2014
Pumpex Distributor in Finland, Pumppulohja OY, participated in the FinnMateria 2014 show, November 19-20th, in Jyväskylä, in northern Finland.
BIG 5 Trade Show in Dubai
Pumpex distributor in UAE, Gulf Sands, is participating at the BIG 5 Trade Show in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, November 17-20th.
Sanrock at the International Technical Fair
Pumpex Distributor in Bulgaria, SanRock, participated at the International Technical Fair, September 29th to October 4th 2014 in Plovdiv.
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